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What is inside this Course?

  • Types of Podcast
  • Find your Podcast Topic
  • How to Name a Podcast?
  • Best Equipments & Hosting Platforms
  • What are ID3 Tags? (**VERY IMPORTANT)
  • How optimised Metadata can increase Podcast Plays?
  • Podcast Marketing Growth Hacks
  • Podcast Intro & Outro Templates
  • Making Money through Podcast

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Most frequent questions and answers

Is it same as podnity for creators?

No. This is Podnity for Beginners. 

How is it different from Podnity for Creators?

Podnity for Beginners is best for people to get started in their Podcasting Journey. It has some vital concepts like ID3 tagging, creating Intro/Outro, Finding your Podcast Topic, etc.