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I loved how the course is straight to the point. No time was wasted in talking about the fluff. I have absolute clarity about what needs to be done. My entire thought process is now completely structured after going through your Course Content. I am so thankful to you for it.

Mayank Srivastava


Before Podnity I was questioning myself like, ‘Do I know what I’m doing? Do I know my audience? Do I know what I’m presenting? Am I just throwing things out there? Is there a plan here?

Hitanshi Maurya

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  • Creators looking to build a Personal Brand around them

  • Employees wanting to create a side hustle outside of 9 to 5

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My Show went from 100 Plays/Month to 8000+ Plays/Month after following Dibakar’s recomendations. You need to implement his advice. Don’t just comsume. Take Action. Dibakar knows his craft too damn well.

Kamna Gupta

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Most frequent questions and answers

I have no idea about Podcasting, will it help me ?

Podnity for Creator was particularly designed with new Podcasters in mind. It is the best course you can purchase to begin your Podcasting Journey

How long will I have access to the course content ?

You will have Lifetime Access to not just the Course, but all the future updates we add to Podnity for Creators as the Podcasting Market matures.

Is there a money-back guarantee ?

Yes. After completing the Podnity for Creators, if you don’t feel like the program has met your expectations, simply drop us a note and we’ll happily refund your entire fee.

What if I already have a Podcast ?

If you are an existing Podcaster, you would benefit immensely from the Growth Strategies we teach inside Podnity for Creators.

Why is the Program not Cheap like other Podcasting courses?

You are correct. In fact, making it cheap will help us make more Revenue and get more Students. But our Goal is not to get a ton of Students who would join and never actually go through the Content. We want serious Podcasters, who truly believe it is the next big thing.